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Many college students assume they must choose a career based on their undergraduate college major. However, more often than not jobs are not related to a students major at all. Some go in completely different paths once they graduate when they are in the process of searching for a job. On the other hand, some majors in particular allow for students to know exactly what they want to do post graduation. Although this is true, it is important to remember that college majors don’t always define your career. An article titled Why Your College Major Doesn’t Determine Your Career gives us several reasons to why this is true.

Your interest may change over time. Similar to your major, it is common for some of your interest to change over time. The article talks about how within the first three years of college, about one-third of students change their major. Our interests are constantly changing so it is likely we will choose a career that is different from our major.

Most majors don’t give you job training. Most college majors don’t give a student training for a specific job. Instead, they give you structure on how to think. The purpose of a major is to teach you how to think in certain ways, not to give you give you specific skills to perform a certain job.

Your habits matter more than your major. The article goes on to talk about how ” the skills you develop during school, and throughout your career, will matter more than the major on your diploma. It is important to think about what kinds of habits you are forming. Eventually, you will take these habits into the workplace and apply them to what ever you are doing in order to be successful.

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