A degree offers many advantages and expands the opportunities you will have after graduation. In this day and age, it can be hard to be successful in a professional career without some form of education. However, with the rising costs of education, is a degree worth it? Multiple websites address the great benefits of a college degree. Below are 18 reasons from 3 different articles on the advantages of a college education.

An article called, “Why it is More Important than Ever to Have a College Degree” shares details on these important advantages:

  • Your Career: Today the majority of employers want to hire people with a college degree.
  • Who’s Affected: A college degree helps not just yourself, but your family, community, and even your nation.
  • Learning: A college education will expand your knowledge, increase your common sense, and affect your personal development. When you are studying things you are passionate about, you gain more fulfillment and inspiration.

The State of North Carolina lists these additional reasons on their webpage: https://www.ncplanforcollege.org/8-reasons-why-college/

  • Income Earnings: over the course of one’s lifetime, the income gap noted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics of someone without a degree could be $1 Million. Additionally, college grads suffer from unexployment much less than their counterparts.
  • Personal Formation/: Among many opportunities for personal formation, college is a time to develop your social skills, expand your community, and restart your academics.
  • Skill Development: Not only will you grow in general broad knowledge which can help you in all of life, college is an opportunity to develop specific skills that will serve your career and equip you in many settings
  • Find Direction: College gives you access to experts in their field, multiple disciplines, and coursework that can help you find your passions and good fit careers.
  • Happier Living: a Pew Research Center study showed that the majority of those with a degree were very satisfied with their work in contrast to those without a degree.
  • Expanded Career Options: Just consider this statistic: “99 percent of jobs created since the recession went to individuals with at least some postsecondary education.”
  • See the World: There are affordable study abroad programs and cross-cultural experiences you can take advantage of that not only expand your perspective but give you increased professional opportunities.
  • Get Involved: The clubs and organizations you can take part in are too numerous to list. These programs can help build confidence, leadership, teamwork, and area specific work experience and skills, not to mention you can actively work to make society better while enrolled in your studies.

Finally, in Nykiel’s blogpost on nerdwallet.com, “10 Reasons to Attend College,” these additional reasons were listed with data to back it up:

  • Gain job security
  • Get health insurance
  • Make lasting connections
  • Get support as you launch a business
  • Become more financially fit
  • Meet your soul mate — maybe
  • Broaden your horizons (“More than 90% of employers say that broad skills, including critical thinking and problem solving, are more important than your major…”)


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