Interdisciplinary studies are a great way to acquire a wide range of skills which is what employers today are looking for. An article called The Five Significant Advantages of Interdisciplinary Research allows us to see all the ways that an interdisciplinary degree could help in your career.

A wider Audience. Interdisciplinary research allows for a wider audience and different perspectives. Having a wide perspective allows you to do work and perhaps write about topics that you do not necessarily specialize in. ‘The wider audience can, of course, benefit from exposure to your insights as well.”

Better Explanatory and Predictive work. Another great advantage of Interdisciplinary research is knowledge of the limitations of your data set or methodology. Understanding the limits aids in making a compelling argument to a broad and possibly skeptical audience.

Better Normative Work. When creating policies or standards, having complimentary insights will provide wisdom for making informed decisions and potentially understanding the outcomes and decisions given your options.

Inspiration to Confront Questions That May Not Otherwise Occur to You. Whatever career you are in, background in other subjects will help you understand and ask questions about topics that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

A Response to the Hyper-specialization That is Taking Over Many Academic Quarters. Interdisciplinary degrees help you have perspective and see the big picture. It helps you ask the big questions which in turn strengthens your research and arguments.

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