Freshman: Majoring in Social Work
Hometown: Zambia, Africa; before that, Johannesburg, South Africa

I am one of the few missionary kids (MKs) on campus, and my family is currently based in Zambia, Africa (though we were formerly in Johannesburg, South Africa- go Boks!) I am a freshman, majoring in social work. Spending time in Zambia observing my parents’ ministries, and eventually engaging in ministry on my own during two summer internships, I learned a lot about the injustices faced by people in third-world countries. In particular, the mistreatment of Deaf people (since that is my parents’ focus, as my dad is Deaf). I am incredibly passionate about advocating for those that cannot speak up for themselves, and hope to one day work internationally with people in cases of domestic violence or human trafficking, particularly women, and would love to use my skills in sign language to be of further assistance, in any case, they might.

1.Do you think it is important to explore any of the AEP opportunities in your college?

I think it is incredibly important for any student, regardless of their status (freshman, sophomore, etc.), to take full advantage of all the Academic Exploration Program’s resources Roberts makes available. The programs – and faculty within them – in the AEP at Roberts are so welcoming and well-tailored to students; why wouldn’t anyone take advantage of them?

2. How has the Academic Exploration Program Helped you in your college career?

My FYS class has been instrumental in providing both knowledge of incredible resources and a close-knit community of fellow students. Your student mentor(s) is (are) an incredible place to get information about how things on campus work, and can be a listening ear and wealth of advice if you are confused or just having a difficult week. The teachers of FYS are passionate about their course subjects, and it shows in the way they teach.

3. What advice would you give to students who are undecided about their majors?

If you are undecided, or unsure about your major, I would suggest you take (or visit!) a class that is out of your immediate comfort zone but still within your realm of knowledge. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, take a class that you’re completely unfamiliar with and might be uncomfortable in. Risk often births the greatest adventures and achievements.


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