Mentorship is a key aspect to career success for young professionals. However, this is often unrecognized by young adults as many believe they do not need guidance. More often than not they don’t want to seek out mentorship because they enjoy having a sense of independence through the early stages of their careers. Also, they feel that in order to make it on their own they need to be able to do these things without another persons help. Although these are good qualities to have, young professionals should not be afraid to seek out mentorship in order to have success.

Seek out mentorship. From the article Mentorship Is Key To Career Success For Young Professionals we come to further understand the lack of enthusiasm that young employees have regarding the concept of mentorship. Although this is true, mentorship will help young adults in the long run by giving them guidance and wisdom. Mentors are’t going to go out of their way to assist someone. These young professionals need to be actively seeking out guidance of a mentor and recognize that it will benefit them.

Recognize the accelerators in your life. When we recognize who the accelerators are in our lives, we have a better understanding of why mentorship is important. The accelerators are similar to mentors in that they are there to help you be successful.

Mentorship is a two-way street. This is another concept that young professionals tend to be forgetful of. Not only should you be putting great value on personal success, but also your mentor who has been guiding you. This often means working harder and longer than than those around you in the accompany of your mentor/accelerator.

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