Staying positive towards school can be a difficult thing to do for many students. School is a huge part of our lives. We usually start it at five years old and it can go into our twenties or even longer. Although the range and degree are different for everyone, most students lack a positive attitude towards school at one point or another. It is important that students stay positive as it will help in many ways.

Positive Thinking. Although this may seem simple, it can go a very long way for students. Positive thinking is a huge aspect of a student’s success in school and allows them to thrive. If a student had a negative mindset all the time, they would not enjoy their time at school. This prevents them from reaching their full potential.

Be proud of yourself. The article about maintaining positivity tells us how important it is to be proud of yourself. This goes off of positive thinking as well. If you stay positive and are proud of who you are as an individual and student, you will surely be successful.

Share your positivity with friends. While it is important to stay positive about yourself, it is also important to make sure you are in an environment that is positive as well. In order to make this happen, it is essential to share your positive attitude with those around you. By doing so, you will be surrounded by people who support each other and whose positive attitude builds each other up.

Practice gratitude. Gratitude is key to any positive mindset. In order to have a positive mindset, even in negative circumstances, you must practice gratefulness. Gratefulness helps you gain perspective and stay grounded. Maybe take time to write down some things you are grateful for, no matter how small or simple they may be. If you’re grateful for a person or an action someone has done, maybe take the time to express it to them, trust me, they’ll appreciate it. Numerous studies show that practicing gratitude not only improves mental well-being and happiness but also improves your physical health. I mean if this is the case, why not give it a try? Make sure to ask yourself the right questions. In every situation make sure to reflect by pointing out one good thing about the given situation. Or by learning from every situation you find yourself in. This will keep a positive mindset going forward. 

Interact with the world around you In today’s culture, everyone is constantly in two worlds. People are constantly going back and forth between the media and in-person reality. Although being completely cut off from the media or the virtual world is nearly impossible and unrealistic in today’s culture, we can practice this to some degree. Being present is very important and unplugging for a short amount of time per day or to some varying degree, can be very beneficial. Perhaps try even just the hour before you go to bed, or try practicing being present and unplugged during your studies. I guarantee you will feel less stressed and able to better concentrate the more you practice this.

Stay in touch with your body Exercise and focusing on oneself are essential for one to keep a sane and positive mindset. The more balanced you are with your body, the more likely it is to keep a positive mindset.

Be grateful. Many of us begin to worry or complain about the things that we may not have. Whether it be relationships or material things, nothing great comes out of being envious of others. Try this practice on a daily. Every day ask yourself what you can be grateful for today, along with naming three people that you are grateful to have in your life. Always try to list the things that you are in control of by being grateful for them rather than sitting there complaining about the what-ifs. 

Focus on Solutions. If someone has a heap of problems and is sitting there doing nothing about it then this gives the stress an advantage on piling up on you. Ask yourself when coming across a bigger problem, see if there is a way you can start picking away at it slowly but surely. AS long as it is at least getting worked on rather than just thought about then progress is being made. 

Try practicing some of these suggestions, and see which ones work for you!

If you want advice or are feeling anxious, down, depressed, or confused with life, take advantage of the college’s free counseling center. There are people here on campus that are more than happy to help.

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