Kaycee Viator is a junior and is pursuing a double major and minor at Roberts. We asked her some questions so you could get to know her and her journey a little. Here are her answers:

Why did you choose Roberts? What are your majors/concentrations? And why did you choose it/them?

I chose Roberts because it is close to home, I received a nice financial aid package, and because of the emphasis on Christian living and how someone can grow spiritually and connect on a closer and deeper level to the Lord. I have a double major in History (Pre-Law) and Spanish, in addition to a minor in Psychology. I chose the History (Pre-Law) major because I want to be a lawyer. I chose the Spanish major because I want to use Spanish to reach out to and provide my services to diverse populations. I chose the Psychology minor because I am interested in learning more about how people think and so that I can have a better understanding of the perspectives and mindsets of the people I’ll be interacting with have.

What do you see yourself doing as a career? Are you open or pretty set on your paths/goals? When did you decide on your career path and how? (or are you not sure about your career goals?)

I see myself being a bilingual (Constitutional or Civil Rights) lawyer. I feel pretty set on my paths and goals, with one minor exception. After I graduate from Roberts in May 2022, I plan to attend law school and earn my Juris Doctor. However, I see myself earning a dual degree with my Juris Doctor and a Masters in Public Administration, just in case I would like to hold public office sometime in the future. I decided on being a lawyer when I was in high school after taking courses like AP American History and AP Government and Politics.

Do you feel like you have an overarching calling in life and how does that relate to your career dreams/hope?

Yes, I feel like I have an overarching calling in life. I believe that is for me to be a leader. It relates to my career dreams because I want to have the ability to speak up for those who might not have the voice to do so.

I want to have the ability to speak up for those who might not have the voice to do so.

I also want to help guide people on the right path and make sure that they recognize their value, even if the socioeconomic groups they belong to have traditionally been underrepresented, underprivileged, and even unfortunately ignored for a long period of time.

Do you have any favorite memories/ favorite things about college so far? What has been the biggest struggle so far? 

My favorite memory about college so far is being a participant in Saturday Night Live. I have rapped my original songs in Hale Auditorium a total of two times: once at Homecoming 2018 SNL and another time at Spring 2019 LIVE. Additionally, I’ve rapped at Elev8’s mini talent show twice and at Coffeehouse once. Rapping helps me realize that I’m not only a student, but that I am someone who knows how to be creative and have fun!

My favorite thing about college so far is the independence, especially being a resident student. I am learning about what it’s like to be an adult and be held accountable for my actions, whether it has to do with me waking up early enough to get ready for class or take care of the space I am in. The biggest struggle is being an advocate for myself when it comes to my mental and emotional health.

The biggest struggle is being an advocate for myself when it comes to my mental and emotional health.

I had to come to terms with the fact that I’m not always going to be around my family and they won’t just be able to tell when something is ‘off’ with me. I need to reflect often on my life and if necessary, reach out to trusted adults and friends to tell them how I’ve been doing and hopefully have them help me through my struggles.

Any advice for other students who have multiple interests or are exploring career options?

Keep an open mind and stay positive! You’ll find out what you want to do and love it too! Never limit yourself either. As long as you put your mind to it, there shouldn’t be any goal or dream that feels out of reach.


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