Why did you choose Roberts?

At first, it was quite difficult since I did not want to be too far from home, but then I found Roberts which is actually two hours away from where my family lives. I saw there was an opportunity to grow in my spirituality along with having an opportunity to play soccer here. After visiting the campus for my first time, I loved the atmosphere and knew this place would be great fit for me.

What are your majors/concentrations? And why did you choose them?

My major is Communication with a concentration in Media Studies, and Spanish. My dream job would be to grow in the communications field and become a reporter or broadcaster of some form. Every thing within the communication field makes me optimistic that there are many other jobs to consider as well. It was a field that is broad so to have a good grasp on it is something that I value especially in today’s society.

What do you see yourself doing as a career? Are you open or pretty set on your paths/goals? When did you decide on your career path and how? Are you not sure on your career goals?

I feel like I could use my career and my voice to help people in some form or another. Media and social media are used abundantly nowadays and I believe that people must have a firm knowledge of these subjects to be able to effectively communicate through them. I was able to decide on a major throughout my sophomore year here at Roberts. I am open to being able to help any individual that is going through something even if it’s through a small gesture.

Do you feel like you have an overarching calling in life? How does that relate to your career dreams/hope?

Yes, I do believe that I do have a calling it is just difficult to find it. I know that I am not the only one who has this trouble. I feel like God is using me to communicate and reach out to those who may be oppressed or for those who do not have much of a voice in our society. For most of us, it feels like the world is such a bad, mean place but I want to change that narrative. I want to be able to spread love and positivity everywhere I go.

How has it been adjusting to college life? What has been the biggest adjustment/change? Has college lived up to expectations?

At first, it was quite the transition for me since I never lived this far away from family while being on my own. I would describe myself to be more of an introverted person so it was difficult for me to open up to those around me, but eventually, as I became more comfortable with my surroundings I was able to open up and create amazing relationships. The college experience has had its ups and downs that no one can truly know how to prepare for, but for the most part, the amount of schoolwork was the only thing that was certain to expect.

Do you have any favorite memories/ favorite things about college so far? What has been your biggest struggle so far?

I have made many memories in my time here but my favorite memories come from spontaneous plans that my friends and I make together. From visiting a beach or any park around to going out for late-night food or snack runs. Winning games while playing soccer here will always be a great memory to look back on. I’d say that my biggest challenge was definitely being able to find a balance between schoolwork and having time for myself. I had to learn how to say no to plans being made since I realized that my academics had to be placed first.

Do you have any advice for other students who have multiple interests or are exploring career options?

My advice would be to make sure you really explore those options since there are so many different fields for careers nowadays. Make sure to find something that comes easy to you along with bringing some kind of passion out of you. Do not be afraid to ask questions to those around you for help along with switching majors to make sure it is something you truly want to do. At the end of the day, trust in the Lord and be yourself.


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