Alexa Carney is a freshman Cross-Disciplinary Studies Major. We asked her some questions so you could get to know her a little. Here are her answers:

Why did you choose Roberts?

Originally I didn’t want to come here, but through a series of events and prayer this is where God lead me.

What are your majors/concentrations? And why did you choose it/them?

My Major is Cross-disciplinary studies with ministry, business, and Spanish because I have a passion for God, people, and mission/service.

What do you see yourself doing as a career? Are you open or pretty set on your paths/goals? When did you decide on your career path and how? Are you not sure on your career goals?

Some kind of outreach ministry or non-profit business -pretty open at the moment. I am still deciding, but I try to take it one step at a time and ask God to direct my path.

Do you feel like you have an overarching calling in life? How does that relate to your career dreams/hope?

Yes, I feel like God has called me into ministry to reach others and point them to love of Christ. I want that calling to intertwine with anything I choose to do. My main emphasis in life is that I just want to love God and people unconditionally. 

How has it been adjusting to college life? What has been the biggest adjustment/change? Has college lived up to expectations?

I adjusted fairly fast and easily. I am pretty extraverted and independent, so I enjoyed the change. The biggest adjustment was probably trying to find the time to rest and learning how to deal with all the new found freedom in making my own decisions. College has definitely lived up to its expectations so far, if not, exceeded them.

Do you have any favorite memories/ favorite things about college so far? What has been your biggest struggle so far? 

I have made many memories already, but one of my favorites was probably the night I made the majority of my friends from having a big uno game and dance party outside of Davison Hall. The biggest struggle so far has been learning to say no when I am too drained/tired to do anything.

Do you have any advice for other students who have multiple interests or are exploring career options?

My advice would be to either have an undeclared or cross-disciplinary major. I would suggest paying attention to the things that bring you joy and ask trusted people for ideas as to where you might head in the future.

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