Gregory Coles is a Roberts Communication Alumnus with a M.A. and P.H.D in English. Right now he is a Robert’s adjunct communications professor. Dr. Coles is also known for his recently published book, Single, Gay, Christian. We asked him some questions about his sense of calling. Here are his thoughts:

As an undergraduate student at Roberts, I was wildly unsure of what I wanted to do after graduation. Should I work for a church? Go to grad school and teach at the college level? Write books? Edit someone else’s books? Work in a bakery?

I assumed at the time that these were mutually exclusive options; walking through one door meant closing all the rest. But as it turns out, I’ve done all these things (and a few others) in the decade or so since graduation. College-age Greg thought he needed a vocation in the narrow, occupational sense: a singular career path I was guaranteed to stay in, full-time and unswervingly, until death did us part. I’ve never found this singular career path. (Not so far, at any rate.)

I’ve never found this singular career path. (Not so far, at any rate.)

And yet my vocation in the broader and more purposeful sense is by no means impaired. “The place God calls you to,” writes Frederick Buechner, “is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.” I feel privileged to spend my life lingering in this holy intersection.


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