Did you ever want to learn more about your personality and why you function the way you do? It is important to know our personality type so that we are aware of how we will work best in our careers. Not only will this allow us to discover our strengths and weaknesses, but also what types of careers we may be interested in once we graduate. The Self Guided Assessment is a great way to learn about this. By participating in it students will be greatly benefited in numerous ways.

From using the Guided Self-Assessment students take advantage of in-depth support which is offered by career services. On top of that, students will have the opportunity to complete validated personality, aptitude and career interest assessments. Students can also complete other aspects of a carefully constructed 4-Year Development Plan from the Guided Self-Assessment. It allows for them to not only discover more about themselves, but also careers they may be interested in. There are many benefits that come with this assessment, and students should take advantage of the opportunities that come with it.

All of this and more can be explored through the Career Development Office. Go to https://www.roberts.edu/student-experience/career-development/ to learn more.


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