The School of Arts and Humanities and General Education supports your wellness!

This Friday March 25th, from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. the SAH and Gen Ed. hope you’ll come participate in the prayer walk and our special planned activities. Unwind with some prayer and some lovely worship music provided by our majors and alumni. Other activities include the following:

  • Worship Music – Listen to some wonderful worship music that is being performed by our majors and alumni from here at Roberts. Enjoy the music while participating in the other activities we have as well.
  • Note Cards and bookmark – We will be handing out special note cards and bookmarks for all participants to take. The note cards will contain some inspiring and encouraging words to help those who receive them push through.
  • Rock painting – Come and enjoy some therapeutic painting of rocks! We will be providing all the paint supplies. Come create whatever art you would like or create a rock that can serve as a form of inspiration for yourself.
  • Words of Human Flourishing – there will be prayers, poems and quotes from our student majors and alumni. Students can draw upon these words that can serve as a form of inspiration or hopefulness.

We are hoping that you come out and participate! We are hoping that these activities can aid you in your individual seek of personal wellness!


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