Are you interested in career and internship opportunities that can help pave your future?

The Enhanced Career and Internship Fair Experience is a great way to learn more about both internships and career opportunities for students. These students prepare ahead of time for the Roberts Wesleyan Career and Internship Fair, attend the fair as a group, and then share pizza afterward for a guided discussion of their experiences, insights, and questions. From the fair, students have the opportunity to see what employers want, consider how various majors can access the same career, practice introducing themselves and responding to questions, as well as set up options for future employment and internships that could take place during or after college. This will also help students become more aware of their likes and dislikes to discover the type of career or internship they hope to pursue. There are many positive aspects to attending the fair and great advantages that can help shape a students future. Look for more information in the future including a sign up. Visit our “Career Exploration” page or “Events” page for more information.

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