Associate Professor of Humanities

1.What inspired you the most about being a part of RWC family?

Roberts has always been in my blood. My parents met and fell in love here as students (as did I!). But what kept me here is the ability to explore a full range of topics. As a humanities major, I relished the freedom to take courses I was curious about, to engage with very different types of students across campus, and to find new paths I didn’t even know were possible. I now get to explore these things in new ways. 

2. How do you think students exploring through different exploration programs at Roberts helps them to shape their career?

Right now, our country seems to be teetering on the brink of a new civil war. Toxic discourse and dysfunctional communication continue to alienate people. All the while, the most important things in life are the very things not being discussed. What has always drawn me to Roberts is how we normalize a caring, humanizing community that is eternally focused on the relationship between the inner life and what is greater than ourselves. This is a rare place that in some powerful ways is a haven for provoking ourselves and others in a loving way. To a person, every faculty member and staff member cares about students and cares about how this community can address healing a troubled world. This is a place I believe has great potential for helping to transform some of these problems.

3. How do you think faculty can enhance the exploration opportunities for the students Roberts?

Both personally and professionally, I defy categorization. I have given myself free license to explore life in all its myriad ways, to learn from experience, and to break down any perceptions that separate me from seeing any other human being as a human being. This exploration has yielded very rich results. It has enriched my teaching, my writing, my creative pursuits, and my relationships. Perhaps more importantly, I have been able to find God in the most unexpected places. 


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