Discovering your strengths is an essential aspect of using the Academic Exploration Program.This is one of its main goals and something students will be able to obtain from the program. Knowing one’s strengths helps in finding a major that best suits you. As some say, if you do what comes naturally, ” you don’t have to work a day in your life.” Although it may come easy for some to discover their strengths, it is difficult for others.

From the article “A Better Way to Discover your Strengths” we can see that there are four major steps to do so.

1.Choose your sources and seek feedback. This requires you to identify 10-20 people who know you well from different areas of your life. Once you do so, ask them about a time when you were at your best.

2. Spot patterns. Once the feedback from your chosen people arrives, look for the common themes that they have about you. When you do this, some of your strengths should become more apparent.

3. Create a self portrait. From this, write out information such as who you are when you’re at your best. This will enable you to not only discover your strengths but also who you are as an individual including things you like, dislike, are good at, bad at, etc.

4. Put your strengths into action. Create an action plan for how and when you will utilize your strengths. By this point, you should have a better understanding of your strengths. Eventually, this will also allow you to realize what majors you are interested in being a part of, and jobs that you would like to apply for.

Our Academic Exploration Program (AEP) has a number of ways to explore your choice of major. Explore our program page and reach out with any questions.

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