For most students, college can be a very stressful time. College students are heavily impacted by the draining stress of homework, class, internships, and figuring out what they want to do once they graduate. However, many don’t realize this is something one doesn’t have to know right away. Most don’t even know even after they have graduated. It is important to remember college students are still at an early stage in their lives. It may take a few career changes to figure it out, but students should not feel any pressure to be rushed.

According to the article Am I Headed In The Right Direction?” some of the most successful people didn’t start at an early age. In the image, there are some notable people who took some time to find their path to success. In fact, some started well after their 30s.” From this, we can see how there is no rush, and most people don’t figure out what they want to do until a later stage in their lives.



Even if you don’t know what your immediate career plans will be, you can still plan your college education to your advantage. College gives a person time to grow as an individual along with experiencing several fields of study. The majority of people in society are not successful until they reach the later stages in their lives. In today’s culture, there is a common mindset that thinks success should come right away when one is young. If that were the case, then every single individual would be the same or have the same story. The journey to success helps individuals in creating and shaping who they are. Life has an abundance of obstacles, but it is how one overcomes them to become a successful individual.

Here at Roberts, one has the opportunity to study a variety of related subjects and discover how they can connect or relate. Be sure to make use of the career development office and discover your strengths. One could even meet with faculty and alumni mentors to hear their academic and career exploration stories. Getting a liberal arts degree like Roberts provides gives a person flexibility and preparation for the unknown future.

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