An important aspect of choosing a career that best suits you has to do with selecting one where you can apply your strengths. It is important to know what your strengths are, as well as how you can use them within the workplace. That way, you can apply them to a career that you enjoy and are good at. When you are working on something that you are good at or passionate about, you are bound to do a better job than with something that bores you. Not to mention, you will find it much more fulfilling!

One of the first steps to building a career on your strengths has to do with owning your own development. The article Building a Career on Your Strengths explains that by doing this, you take charge of your career in the same way you take charge of a project at work, a commitment to your child, or your financial situation. If you are passionate about something, then own it! Do not be afraid to make decisions for yourself, or do things that can help you advance in a path you want to pursue.

Secondly, don’t focus on your limitations. Rather than thinking about the things you can’t do, focus on what you do best. Take action in ways available to you and don’t surrender to self-defeat!

Additionally, the article discusses the idea that you cannot be successful alone. At one point or another, you will have to work with others so develop this skill in order to be successful. The work of two is usually better than one, and it is important to have shared successes with those in the workplace. Everybody is different in this regard. Some would rather work alone, while others only want to work in a team dynamic. Regardless, working together, at least in some form, allows everyone to be more successful—and who knows? Maybe you’ll find something out about yourself in the process!

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Andrew Koehl · May 27, 2021 at 12:02 pm

Loved reading this story. Thanks!

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