1. What inspired you the most about being a part of RWC family?

I was a part of one of the smaller departments at RWC, the Religion and Philosophy department, and it really was like a family.  The community, connections, and relationships that were developed and fostered both with faculty and fellow students really set the program apart.  I had attended other colleges prior to RWC and this was the key piece that they were missing.  But that’s not all that sets RWC apart from others.  The academic rigor set me up for success in my Master’s program in a way other colleges cannot begin to compete with.  What is truly inspiring though is these two factors combined together.  The academic rigor plus the relationships and connection make Roberts truly unique and has pushed me in a direction in my life and ministry that focuses on relationships and community without sacrificing integrity, academics, or work ethic.

2. Do you think it is important to explore any of the opportunities listed above in your college career? If so why?

I think it is crucial, especially if a student is unsure of their path forward.  Being able to talk to people in different fields (fellow students, professionals, professors, etc) offers an opportunity for the type of learning that only conversation and experience can grant.  Google is great but you can’t rely on google searches to decide something so important!

3.If you had an opportunity for Academic Exploration Program, how would it have benefited you?

While I can see the benefit for others in choosing a path forward, that wouldn’t have been the case for me.  I came to RWC with a very clear calling and vision of where I was headed.  However, I cannot say that Academic Exploration wouldn’t have benefitted me because I think that even when you know exactly what you want out of your college career it’s still a good thing to take advantage and explore.  Over my time at Roberts, I did a lot of my own, self-guided Academic Exploration and it helped to refine the vision for my future and confirm the path I was on. 

4. What advice would you give to current students?

Take advantage of everything the college has to offer!  There is so much at RWC.  You can take advantage of career fairs, mentors, the learning center, research librarians, the study rooms in the library, free tools online to help you write papers, counseling services, spiritual guidance, and so much more.  I fondly look back at my time at RWC and my one regret is that I didn’t take full advantage of everything that was offered to me.  Once you’re out in the world you’ll realize that the world isn’t so supportive and helpful.  Take advantage of it while you have it!  It will make your college career that much easier and it will set you up for success!

5. Please share your experience graduating from Roberts.  

After graduation, I entered my Master’s Program, Roberts’s academic rigor set me up for success in my Grad program. In addition to being well prepared for my program, a B.A. from Roberts on my application put me ahead of other applicants because admissions boards recognize the quality and character that comes with a degree from RWC. 


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