Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have an alumni as your mentor who could open up career and internship possibilities for you? The Alumni Mentoring and Internships program is a great way to have this experience. By participating in it new doors will open up as you are guided by alumni to discover different career and internship opportunities.

Students of the Academic Exploration Program will have the ability to develop relationships with alumni mentors who are currently working in a wide variety of careers by participating in this event. Students will also be able to discern what they are looking for in a career from Alumni mentoring and Internships. On top of this, the program provides crucial connections for their future job search. This will enable students to have a wide variety of different careers that will be open to them once they graduate. Some of the things that mentoring can include are emailing, meeting for lunches, and job shadowing.From Alumni Mentoring and Internships students can pursue multiple internships in different careers which can count as a college credit as well. There are many great advantages of participating in this program, and students will see all the great benefits that come with it that can help shape their future.

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