Hometown: Rochester, NY

Graduating from Roberts back in May 2018 was honestly such a surreal experience and sometimes it still feels surreal. I am very thankful and grateful for the opportunities, experiences, challenges, and people who have each respectively molded me into the person I am still becoming. I would certainly not be who I am today if it were not for Roberts Wesleyan College and the wonderful people who I’ve established great connections with.

1. What inspired you the most about being a part of RWC family?     

Regarding what inspired me the most about being a part of the RWC family…the welcoming spirit and continuous encouragement I received from RWC faculty and admissions staff, a variety of professors, and business development specialists to engage myself and take full advantage of the educational resources and opportunities that helped create doors for growth.

2. Do you think it is important to explore any of the opportunities in our program in your college career? If so why?

 I will definitely say that it is crucial to explore any of the opportunities listed because each of these opportunities respectively provide great quality insight for students as well as a strong platform to aid them in feeling more comfortable and assured that the resources being offered to them are solely designed to guide them to success.

3.If you had had an opportunity to participate in the Academic Exploration Program, how would it have benefited you?

I’m sure that the Academic Exploration Program would’ve provided me with many benefits. For instance, the Class Visitation program would’ve given me a good visual of how I could fare in particular classroom settings learning and educationally wise. Alumni Meetings and internships, respectively, would’ve provided me with quality advice and suggestions out of their own experiences as well as insight, while internships equip me with first-hand immersive organizational experiences and resume career building. Career-Fair experiments provide diverse networking opportunities .

4. What advice would you give to current students?

If there is any advice I would give to current students it is the following:

  1. Take full advantage of the opportunities and resources that are given and offered to you as well as value the connections that you make.
  2. You cannot simply wait for an opportunity to come find you. Several times, you will have to take the initiative to create opportunities but you need to put yourself out there first.                                              
  3. Don’t make the mistake by restricting yourself or putting all of your eggs in just one basket of one particular field. Be open-minded enough to widely extend your reach and explore yourself by exploring majors and fields outside of your own that you might express great interest in. Really explore to discover what your passions are and where you fit.
  4. If you are ever offered any extra credit opportunities in any classes, by all means do it. Do not pass that up.                                                    
  5. Definitely put yourself out there to be interactive and really get involved and active on the campus community through extracurricular programs like club sports intramural, getting student jobs (trust me, it has benefits).
  6. Respect and be kind and considerate of your student peers, professors, faculty, Dean, workers… everybody. You never know what kind of unique and quality friendships you may form.                  
  7. Try not to compare yourself or your workload requirements for your degree with other students. Please understand that you are on your own journey of self-exploration and self-discovery of where you want to be. Everybody else is on their own journey so don’t waste time worrying about where somebody else is. Focus on you.
  8. Be a critical thinker and effective listener in every social scenario.
  9. Appreciate and cherish every moment you spend as a college student. Really soak in the experience because it goes by faster than you think. Don’t count down the days, make every day count and be thankful.
  10. Pay attention to the small things, They have a big meaning behind them.



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